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Company Profile

DB Energy was established in December 2019 with desire to fulfill Myanmar energy sector needs in electricity products requirement and renewable energy development. With expertise and strong international partners , DB Energy is provides the necessary energy sector in Myanmar.

DB Energy has a vision of becoming one of the leading companies which can contribute the total solutions of Power generation, Turnkey project of Transmission line , Electrical products supply and Good products distribution in the region. In order to do so, DB Energy was formed very strategically with the people with passion on engineering and who care of the Myanmar energy sector needs. DB Energy intend to do the startup projects in Feasibility studies, surveys, consulting in power generations and transmissions, and Renewable energy power generations. DB Energy’s upcoming projects will be Hydropower generation, FS of Tranmission lines, FS of the replacement of Combined Cycle Gas Turbines, Trading and Transformer supplies.


DB Energy contribute to supporting Development Energy , Electricity and Good Products Supplied in Myanmar.


Our focus on Government and Customer needs and demands, representing our suppliers with honesty and integrity.